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When art makes you brave enough to change and to lose

September 4, 2016

Trigger warning:  This video deals with the subject of death. It’s powerful and can be upsetting if you aren’t prepared.

This is why we need art: it can make even the hardest aspects of life beautiful, and give us a place to sit with our pain without feeling shamed for focusing on something other than positivity all the time. Negative emotions have their own dark beauty in how they link us in universality and provide necessary shadows to our positive emotions. The shadows are what provide depth to the perspective of the painting of our lives, causing the places where the sun hits to jump out in three dimensions, instead of being a flat, childish drawing.

Loss becomes something the viewer of this video art almost wants to experience to be able to feel unified with the art and the universal human experience being portrayed. I can imagine someone watching this and finding the courage to lean in to the pain of any life transition like a child going off to college, or a friend passing away.

The first time I ever saw this video, it traumatized me. I was not in a place to feel okay with imagining losing the people I love most. But I’ve had a lot more experience with loss and death since then. I feel braver and more seasoned in adulthood now so that the second time I watched it I felt able to almost free fall into loss, or let it hit me like a storm, with my arms wide open. Imagine a work of art alone helping a person feel brave and strong in their human vulnerability. It’s magic.

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