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When art makes you brave enough to change and to lose

September 4, 2016

Trigger warning:  This video deals with the subject of death. It’s powerful and can be upsetting if you aren’t prepared. This is why we need art: it can make even the hardest aspects of life beautiful, and give us a place to sit with our pain without feeling shamed for focusing on something other than positivity all the time. Negative emotions have their own dark beauty in how they link us in universality and provide necessary shadows to our positive…

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Feminism Personal Growth Technology

Caitlin Moran on why the internet is an ideal space for women

September 1, 2016

I came across this interview by accident yesterday. In it, Moran makes some excellent points about the internet being a place where women are powerful. She says, “Men and women need different mediums. We communicate in different ways. One of the reasons Twitter has gotten overheated is it’s built in a very male way, it’s very penetrative. One of the reasons people get very angry on Twitter, is that you’re following someone and those messages are so small that you…

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Inspiring People Interview Perseverance Personal Growth

How to persevere when no one has believed in you and you are terrible at the thing you want to do

August 31, 2016
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It all started with Go Up, a beautiful and rather meditative video game made by the makers of Stack—a game at which I had already become proficient, with a score past 100, if you can even imagine. So, when my 10-year-old, Ellie, introduced me to Go Up, I knew I’d be great. O! the great pleasure I would feel in being basically awesome right away at a game where Ellie’s highest score was 12. Let me impress you, Ellie, I thought,…

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