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Hibiscus underwear drawer yogurt breakfast

September 6, 2016
cahoots hibiscus yogurt

We’re making a lot of changes to our diets over here. Nothing dogmatic and fear-based like, “I can’t eat any sugar ever, or I’ll get fat and get cancer!” or “I can’t eat any more animals ever or I am a bad person!” Rather, some mindful efforts here and there to feel good in our guts, have more energy, and feel better about our footprint on the planet.

I really dislike runny yogurt. Yogurt should have as much milk fat in it as possible without becoming cheese. I like my yogurt like I like my bankrupt mediterranean countries. But, the paltry 6% milk fat Island Tree yogurt I bought recently is made from grass-fed cows, and it’s local, and it was on sale.

If I didn’t eat it soon, it would go bad. But I couldn’t find any honey and the only jam we had was cherry.

Aha! As my children’s father always says, “Intuitive improvisation is the hallmark of genius.” Dammit, I love to eat flowers. If it tastes like perfume, I want to eat it. Cherry jam? Gross. But something that tastes the way a rich person’s underwear drawer smells? OBVIOUSLY I WANT THAT.

And since we are not altogether dissimilar from hipsters, and we live in Victoria, BC, naturally we had hibiscus syrup in our fridge.

cahoots hibiscus syrup made in vancouver


And dried lavender from our neighbourhood.


cahoots hibiscus syrup from Vancouver in island tree yogurt with lavender


It was a nice change of pace, almost like having a fancy dessert except that you wonder why your crème brûlée is sour. And there are bitey flower bits. And the bowl is prettier.

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