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Agnostic spirituality Perseverance Personal Growth Resilience Video

Everything does *NOT* happen for a reason, but we can be happy anyway

September 27, 2016

The tragic story of the woman in this video moved me so much. I don’t think I will ever forget it. Sometimes, when I am feeling so hard done by, I think of people I know who have experienced much harder lives and I feel grateful and humbled. I’ll add this woman to the little corner of my heart where I keep these stories. I don’t relate to or subscribe to her religious feelings. I share the video for three reasons:…

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LGBTQ Love & Sex Perseverance Personal Growth

Why some people take so long figuring out they are gay

September 9, 2016
girls walking bikes holding hands on street

This morning, Elizabeth Gilbert let the world in on the tender and vulnerable reason for her divorce from the man with whom she fell in love in Eat Pray Love. Another love of her life, her best friend, Rayya Elias, is dying. And the realization that she will lose her dearest friend caused the immensity of that love to make itself known. What a wonderful and terrible time for her. So much confusion about sexuality and love keeps people from realizing…

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Gratitude Perseverance Personal Growth Resilience

Gratitude: lighting the pathway through difficulty by the glint of silver linings

September 5, 2016
hiker sitting in forest taking a rest feeling grateful

I got on the gratitude bandwagon when I was 17, with Sarah Ban Breathnach. After an appearance on Oprah, her book Simple Abundance was a massive best seller, with its own cultural moment. Every day, I wrote out five things for which I was grateful. It was fun and pleasant at first. I enjoyed filling the pages dutifully with my best penmanship, only using the same black Uniball rollerball micro pen every time. But eventually, the arbitrary requirement to do it…

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Inspiring People Interview Perseverance Personal Growth

How to persevere when no one has believed in you and you are terrible at the thing you want to do

August 31, 2016
man and woman sailing on ocean at sunset

It all started with Go Up, a beautiful and rather meditative video game made by the makers of Stack—a game at which I had already become proficient, with a score past 100, if you can even imagine. So, when my 10-year-old, Ellie, introduced me to Go Up, I knew I’d be great. O! the great pleasure I would feel in being basically awesome right away at a game where Ellie’s highest score was 12. Let me impress you, Ellie, I thought,…

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