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Finding the balance between “positive mindset” & social justice

September 16, 2016
painting multicoloured profile of a person

Content/trigger warning: The second paragraph discusses some vague instances of child and spousal abuse and briefly references a violent incident that could trigger trauma in a person who has experienced violent abuse. To be clear: I am not a counsellor. I am not formally trained in psychology. I have been reading books about psychology and self-help since I was 12, intently studying human psychology by observation since I was seven, and I studied psychology in university. At age 12, I began…

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Caitlin Moran on why the internet is an ideal space for women

September 1, 2016

I came across this interview by accident yesterday. In it, Moran makes some excellent points about the internet being a place where women are powerful. She says, “Men and women need different mediums. We communicate in different ways. One of the reasons Twitter has gotten overheated is it’s built in a very male way, it’s very penetrative. One of the reasons people get very angry on Twitter, is that you’re following someone and those messages are so small that you…

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